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With Foot Lift Technology

Reduces foot pressure with comfort and mobility, to assist in tissue, bone and wound healing. Also provides a Transition feature to gradually reintroduce pressure during the healing process.

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About Allevo

Allevo™ is a superior AFO (ankle foot orthosis), designed to assist in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. For patients large and small, Allevo’s patent pending Foot Lift Technology raises the user’s foot and ankle to hover just above the insole of the boot, while walking or standing. This reduces cumulative pressure to allow healing for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

  • Outer sleeve conforms around leg and anchors the pivot arm to elevate the foot and reduce pressure
  • Customize the articulation of the pivot arm to improve balance, ambulation, and dorsi/plantarflexion
  • Adjustable stance can be set at normal, dorsi-flexed, or plantar-flexed positions
  • Adjustable length of pivot arm* can be raised or lowered over the duration of treatment
  • Transition to Remission allows providers to gradually reintroduce pressure and shearing forces as the recovery process continues
  • Dorsal cover for safety and protection
  • Pivot arm pivots outward to accommodate varying leg sizes
  • Inner padded shoe maintains secure and snug fit for the foot
  • Hard shell boot structure for stability and protection
  • Rolling outer sole to mimic normal gait
  • Additional features currently in development


Pressure relief on the entire foot

Step down features

Range of articulation for ankle movement

ankle movement

Step down features to reintroduce pressure in the course of therapy


  • Podiatrists, Orthopedic surgeons, and other expert clinicians agree that Allevo’s Foot Lift Technology addresses a variety of orthopedic conditions occurring below the lower ankle
  • In comparison tests against other widely used AFOs on the market, Allevo relieves foot pressure by 85% over the competition
  • Allevo, with Foot Lift Technology may help treat:
    • Common acute injuries like severe ankle sprains
    • Chronic conditions like tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, or drop foot
    • Foot deformities like Charcot Syndrome
    • And post-surgical ankle and foot rehab
  • It can even have benefits with other conditions like:
    • Arthritis (including gout)
    • Heel plantar and metatarsal tissue healing
    • Joint instability for the ankle and below
post surgical foot wrap
image 7

Product Evaluations

  • Over 50 Healthcare professionals agree:
    • High overall comfort & stability rating
    • Provides easy access to the foot
    • Ankle articulation, improved balance and ambulation
    • Optimal environment for tissue healing
    • Allevo’s Transition to Remission are novel and preferred

Superior Pressure Reduction

Compare Allevo to other boots commonly recommended and the difference is clear:

  • Prototype testing revealed 85% pressure reduction
  • Meets KOL recommendation of 50 to 60 kPa
  • Pressure mapping represents an average maximum pressure walking for 2 minutes

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Market Potential

Ankle Foot Orthosis Market (AFO)

Orthopedic Conditions and Wound Care Market

Meet our Clinicians

Nicolle Samuels

Dr. Nicolle Samuels
Dr. David Armstrong

Dr. David Armstrong

DPM, MD, PhD; Podiatrist

Dr. Bijan Najafi

PhD, MSc
Dr. Bijan Najafi


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